martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

John Klein: the young “priest” who gives concerts on Facebook

Translation by Eric Gilhooly LC

“The Blessed Mother is my music agent and she has done a great job,” says Br John Klein, a young religious who, with guitar in hand, a good voice, excellent rhythm and his clerical collar, has ventured into Facebook to promote an exciting musical initiative.

How did this project begin? Before consecrating his life to God, from his university years, he has loved music and written lyrics for his own songs: “I have always had a great desire to use music to transmit my personal experiences of daily life, inspiring experiences. And what experience could be more inspiring than that of Christ? Young people are immersed in a culture of music and through my songs I want to touch their hearts, to offer them the experience of Christ that I’ve had.”

And he adds, “Young people are very open to anything that has to do with art and beauty. We need to use these means to evangelize them. We shouldn’t be afraid of feelings, but direct them toward what is truly good and beautiful. We can use music as a means for this.”

His personal Facebook page ( has become his specific means of sharing the experience of God through music. It is a way to give a type of concert to those who are interested in this wonderful apostolate. It has another advantage: it costs nothing and his music has a catchy beat that makes you want to hear all of his songs at once. The page also allows interaction with the artist.

Besides his Facebook page and concerts in different parishes throughout the Archdiocese of New York, Br John Klein, LC, will participate in the Vocation Coffee House that will be at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium during the next World Youth Day in Madrid. He is also open to offers to record a CD. With a manager like the one he has (the Blessed Virgin), offers will not delay in coming.

To listen to Br John Klein’s music, go to and press the “like” button. To choose a song, go to the upper left part of the page and press “band profile.” If you would like to go directly to the music section, click this link.

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