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New-born Catholic News Agency
LinkNewsAgency: A Twitter information service about family, life and religion in the media.

With resources, daily news and material about religion, the Catholic Church, family, life and their presence in the Media, LinkNewsAgency was began this month with the goal of making all of this information available to the media.

This project is linked to the weekly news service Análisis y Actualidad and its blog, run by Br Jorge Enrique Mujica, LC. It is directed to lay people and particularly to reporters and news agencies that specialize in the above-mentioned areas. It can be accessed by anyone with a Twitter profile.

LinkNewsAgency has links to other news articles on different websites that are faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church, hence the name Link.

Here are its three main focuses:

1) Church and religion: replies to controversies and polemics present in the media about the Pope and his teachings, life in the Catholic Church, and the faith.

2) Family: provides in-depth and useful studies about marriage preparation, spousal relationships, the education of children, etc.

3) Life: promotes the culture of life, from conception to natural death, through positive news reports and testimonies as well as through studies.

LinkNewsAgency is published in five languages (English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese), but will mainly focus on news in English and Spanish. People without a user in Twitter will also be able to use the official site of LinkNewsAgency.

This project is an answer to Pope Benedict XVI’s invitation to rediscover the ethical aspect of news and intends to promote and defend life, the family, and the Catholic Church.

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